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Pros And Cons Of Sending Your Child To A Boarding School

Sending your child away to boarding school is a big decision, and there are a lot of pros and cons to consider. Here are some of the most important factors to consider.

Some Pros:

Boarding school can provide a strong academic foundation, giving your child the skills they need to succeed in college and beyond. Typically, boarding schools can provide a higher level of education than most public schools, and boarding school students tend to outperform their peers in standardized tests.

Friendship, discipline, and academic rigor are all integral parts of boarding school life. Boarding school can provide a sense of independence and self-reliance for young children.

Your child will learn leadership and teamwork skills that will be useful later in life. Boarding school can also offer your child the opportunity to develop new interests and hobbies while they are there.

There are boarding schools located all over the world, so your child can experience a variety of cultures. Additionally, boarding schools often have close ties to universities, so your child may be able to take advantage of summer or winter break opportunities.

Some Cons:

Boarding school can be expensive, and the cost of boarding schools may be out of reach for some families. Scholarships and financial aid are often available, but not all boarding schools offer these opportunities. The price of boarding schools varies widely, depending on the location.

Also, sending your child away from home can be difficult for them emotionally. Your child may miss important family moments while they're at boarding school, like birthdays or family celebrations.

Some children are not emotionally ready to live away from their families. Boarding school is an intense experience, and children who are not prepared for it may find themselves struggling. If this is the case, consider sending your child to a nearby private school with a day program. These programs can provide the same educational benefits as boarding school, but your child will be living in close proximity to family and friends.

Additionally, boarding school can sometimes be a difficult environment for children with special needs, since as learning differences. These children may not feel comfortable in a traditional classroom setting, and they may need assistance with their daily activities.

Finally, boarding school is an extremely competitive process, and requires a great deal of commitment from both students and parents. Your child will likely need to take an entrance exam: typically the SSAT or ISEE. These are challenging tests, and prep work is critical.

It's important to remember that the admission process is not just about academics - it's also about character and personality.

Is your child applying to boarding school?

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