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Five Advantages Of Using A Private Tutor To Prepare for the SSAT or ISEE

Is your child taking the SSAT or ISEE? If so, here are five advantages of hiring a private tutor to help them prepare:

1. Customization

Perhaps the most important benefit of private tutoring is the ability to customize the program to your child. A private tutor will assess your child and come up with a individual plan that will allow the tutor to focus on your child’s weaknesses and help them build upon their strengths. Group classes aren't specialized enough to do this effectively- a private tutor can target your child's specific needs in order to help them achieve their goals.

2. Individual Attention

A private tutor will give your child individual attention, which is invaluable when it comes to the SSAT or ISEE. When your child is in a classroom full of other students, it's hard to get individualized feedback. With a private tutor, your child will be the sole focus and will be free to learn and ask questions at their own pace.

3. More Focus on Learning

A private tutor can help your child develop a better study attitude and help them learn how to focus better on their studies. Your child will learn how to make a plan and systematically study for the tests. A private tutor will know when a student is not completing assignments, which can allow for immediate intervention.

4. Structure

A private tutor can help your child figure out how to get more done in less time. Homework is an important part of preparing for these exams, and if your child doesn't have enough time to do it, they'll struggle. A private tutor will give your child a set schedule to follow, which will help them stay on track and avoid feeling overwhelmed or frustrated.

5. Increased Motivation

When your child is working with a private tutor, you'll often see a dramatic increase in their motivation level. With private test prep tutoring, your child understands that they are working towards an actual goal that is important to them, so they will be more motivated to work than to just go through the motions.


Private tutoring gives a huge advantage to students preparing for the SSAT or ISEE. By providing a a customized program, a set schedule, structure, and increased motivation, a private tutor can help your child succeed on these important tests.

Curious about private SSAT or ISEE tutoring for your child? Click here to schedule a free, no-obligation Success Strategy session with InHouse Test Prep to start your child on the road to their dream school!

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